The 4 skills you learn whilst studying abroad and how they can help you start a business after University


Being a University student is a great time in life. You’re young, you’re free, you have very few responsibilities - the world is your oyster....

Costs to consider when buying a student (HMO) property investment

This article lists some of the costs landlords incur when buying a student (HMO) property investment


  • Purchase price

    10 Tips to help you move into your student property


    1. Ensure everyone in your group has returned all required tenancy documentation and paid the rent and deposit in full
    2. Check and...

      Do you want to start a student letting agent franchise but without the upfront cost?

      No problem, we have the solution for you!


      Student Haus offers students and graduates the opportunity to become Student Haus Partners in...

      3 Tips on how to be a good student (HMO) property sales and lettings negotiator

      Working in student lettings and sales is an exciting graduate job opportunity. Depending on the time of the year, it is a fast paced role and you will meet lots of different...

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