8 Things we look for in a Student Haus Partner

  1. Interest in Student (HMO) Property
  2. Go-Getter Mentality & Strong Work Ethic
  3. Willingness to follow a system. Someone...

    5 Reasons to choose a career in student (HMO) property lettings and sales

    1. You understand the student market better than anybody else

    You currently still are a student or you have recently graduated from University and chances are...

    Starting a Business After University

    If you’re a fresh graduate in the UK, there are many options available to you that you can consider as your career path. One of them is starting a business of your own.

    The Pros and Cons of Article 4 for Small HMO’s In Student Areas 

    Known as a way to achieve a high return on investment, conversion to an HMO is a popular way in which landlords can unlock the rental potential of a property that would otherwise be...

    Tenant Fees Bill - Update

    MPs have voted unanimously in favour of the Tenant Fees Bill in its second reading on 21 May.

    The Second Reading is normally the first...

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