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Posted on Friday, May 4, 2018

London - HMO Landlord Lettings Guide

What areas are suitable for student (HMO) accommodation in London? 

Below (zoom to enlarge) is a map of the current student (HMO) properties available to let and the typical style of properties, these are popular areas for students at the University of London, London Metropolitan University, Goldsmiths College, Queen Mary University of London, Buckinghamshire New University, School of Oriental and African Studies, Roehampton University, Royal Holloway, Brunel University London, University of West London, London School of Economics, Birkbeck, University of East London, Imperial College London, Middlesex University, London South Bank University, University of the Arts London, University of Westminster, University of Greenwich, Kingston University, University College London and King's College London. 

Map of Universities in London




How many students are there in London? 

University of London - 174,000 (2014)

London Metropolitan University - 12,865 (2015–2016)

Goldsmiths College - 8,422 (2014)

Queen Mary University of London - 15,960 (2014)

Buckinghamshire New University - 8,580 (2015)

School of Oriental and African Studies - 4,000 (2013)

Roehampton University - 8,535 (2006)

Royal Holloway - 9,265 (2015)

Brunel University London - 14,165 (2015–2016)

University of West London - 16,892 (2009)

London School of Economics - 8,896 (2016)

Birkbeck - 13,935 (2014)

University of East London - 13,630 (2015)

Imperial College London - 16,610 (2015)

Middlesex University - 23,175 (2009)

London South Bank University - 15,497 (2017)

University of the Arts London - 18,290 HE (2016/17)

University of Westminster - 20,465 (2014)

University of Greenwich - 20,645 (2015–2016)

Kingston University - 24,720 (2011)

University College London - 41,539 (2017)

King's College London - 27,629 (2016)


What is the typical rent amount charged for student accommodation in London? 

- The rental amount can vary between £90 and ££££ per student tenant, per week.  

- The achievable amount is based on and can be influenced by many factors including the location, distance from the university, condition of the student property, size of bedrooms, etc.  

- The rental amount is usually given with either the option of bills included or not included (bills included is the most popular choice with student tenants). 




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