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Posted on Monday, July 2, 2018

Cleaning Guidelines for your student property

Create a cleaning rota for student tenants

To help you make your stay in your student dig as smooth as possible, you should create a cleaning rota with your other flatmates.


  1. You can use fee apps such as trello and wanderlust to create free online cleaning rotas and share these with your flatmates
  2. The apps allow you to set a deadline on a certain tasks and to assign a certain task to a specific flatmate. That a way you entire household can stay on top whether tasks were done, when and by whom



Cleaning your bathroom & shower room


Bathrooms in student accommodation should be cleaned at least once a week to make sure it stays clean and hygienic.

Below are some handy tips:


• Use a multi-surface bathroom cleaner, cloth/sponge, toilet brush and toilet cleaner.

• Apply multi-surface bathroom cleaner to the sink, shower and mirror. Wipe and rinse using a cloth.

• Clean the shower tray (the base that you stand on), the door (including the lip at the bottom) the frame, the tiles and grouting. If the grouting or tiles are discoloured you may need to spray on the cleaner and leave it to stand for a while before wiping it down. If you find the grouting is worn please report this to Student Haus if your property is managed by us. It is important the grout stays intact to avoid any leaks.

• Ensure that plug holes are clean and free from hair to avoid blockages

• Apply toilet cleaner to toilet and scrub the inside of the toilet using a toilet brush.

• Using the all-purpose bathroom cleaner and cloth, wipe down the outside of the toilet.

• Make sure to change your cleaning cloths and brushed on a regular basis to avoid the build up of bacteria



Cleaning your kitchen

• Do your own washing up daily or load/unload the dishwasher

• Remove general refuse daily. Overflowing rubbish bins will attract infestations of pests such as flies, cockroaches and vermin.

• Recycle

• Clean up spillages when they happen.

• Wipe down all surfaces after use.

• Clean the cooker and hot plates after use.

• Keep the grill pan clean and clear from fat and grease.

• Switch off all cooking appliances when you have finished with them.

• Microwaves should be cleaned inside and outside.

  Regularly check for out-of-date food. You will need to throw away any rotten food (fruit/vegetables etc.) to keep your fridge smelling fresh and prevent other food from spoiling.

• Please ensure you clean the cooker and hob only when they are turned off and cooled down. Dried-on food spills are a fire risk so it is good practice to clean the cooker and hob after every use.



If you do not want to clean your student property yourself or don’t have the time to why not hire a weekly cleaner through a platform such as where cleaners start at £10/ hour. You can split the cost between everyone in your house which makes it a very affordable way of keeping your student pad clean without any disputes amongst flatmates.


If you have other tips that could be helpful for students to keep their student property clean feel free to leave us a message via !

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