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Posted on Friday, May 4, 2018

Buying a student HMO property investment in Bournemouth

The purpose of this guide is to help you identify a suitable area to purchase a student property investment and to give you an overview of current property sales and achievable student HMO rental prices in Bournemouth. 


Suitable student HMO property investment areas in Bournemouth




What is the typical purchase price of a property suitable as a student HMO let in Bournemouth? 


 2 bed property: £210,000- £310,000

3 bed property: £255,000- £400,000



What is the typical rent amount charged for student accommodation in Bournemouth? 

- The rental amount can vary between £70 and £115 per student tenant, per week.  

- The achievable amount is based on and can be influenced by many factors including the location, distance from the university, condition of the student property, size of bedrooms, etc.  

- The rental amount is usually given with either the option of bills included or not included (bills included is the most popular choice with student tenants). 


What do I need to take into consideration when purchasing a property for students in Bournemouth?

- Current existing supply of HMO properties and number of students

- Expansion plans and size of the University

- HMO & Fire Safety Regulations

- Selective Licencing Schemes

- Articles 4 Directives




If you are looking to buy or sell a student HMO property investment contact us today to find out how Student Haus can help you. 



Please note these figures are accurate as of the time of writing this article and are due to change.

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