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Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Are you interested in a 360° virtual reality tour of your student (HMO) property?

Student Haus are working together with to offer landlords the option to have professional virtual reality tour done at £100+Vat.


A VR tour allows students to digitally explore your property in 360° at anytime and from anywhere in the world.


Utilising this tech has shown to boost engagement on property listings by upwards of 40%, meaning that your property will be viewed more and rented faster.


Below are some stats:


- Listings with virtual tours are 40% more likely to be clicked on (, 2017)


- Virtual tours generate 49% more qualified leads (, 2016)


- Visitors stay on a website 3X longer with VR on, creating 40% more engagement (Pew Internet Life Study)



Using the summer month’s after the old tenants have moved out is an ideal time to prepare marketing material for the next letting season.


You can check out an example here: Student HMO -


If you are interested in booking a 360° virtual reality tour of your student (HMO) property contact us today via

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