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Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

5 Skills you develop as a Student Haus Partner


If you are a recent Graduate looking for the next step after University the Student Haus Partner opportunity might just be ideal for you if you are looking to develop the following skills:


1. Market Research

You will need to do market research to analyse your competitors and set your local pricing.


2. Marketing & Business Development

We have our proven marketing practices but if you’re feeling creative we’d love to get your input. We use modern online marketing as well as old-school offline marketing. You'll learn how to attract landlord clients and student tenants. Business development and marketing skills are definitely the essence of any business as no customers = no business.  


3. Communication and Team Work

You’ll be liaising with different parties such as landlords, student tenants and their guarantors, the Student Haus Admin Hub and others. You’ll learn how to communicate (remotely) with different people from different backgrounds and age groups and via different communication channels, i.e. whatsapp, slack, phone, email, etc.


4. Networking

To make the Student Haus Partner opportunity a success you’ll need to hone your networking skills. If you’re an introvert we will give you access to online networking channels and if you’re an extrovert we’ll help you choose the right offline networking channels.


5. Negotiating

There is no hardcore negotiating involved in letting student accommodation at Student Haus. We feel student tenants will choose a property if they like it and will resent it if you try and pressure them into making a renting decision.

We will however help you choose the right 3rd parties you will work with from time to time such as to let board providers and we will help you negotiate the right deal based on our existing contractor relationships.



Don’t worry if you do not already have all the above skills, we will teach you the ropes and help you develop different skills over time. What counts is your enthusiasm and your willingness to learn. If this opportunity sounds of interest to you we’d be happy to hear from you via to set up a video call with you.

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