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Posted on Friday, June 8, 2018

5 Reasons to choose a career in student (HMO) property lettings and sales

1. You understand the student market better than anybody else

You currently still are a student or you have recently graduated from University and chances are high that you rented a student property yourself either directly from a student landlord or a student letting agent. You therefore have experience as a customer that you can now use to be able to provide a service as a student letting agent. You understand the needs of student tenant, you know what they are looking for when choosing their student accommodation, which areas they want to live in, what their budgets are, what contract lengths they prefer, etc. You are more easily able to identify with student tenants than i.e. if you were to become a recruitment consultant in the Oil & Gas Sector and you had to recruit for a rigid pipeline engineer.


2. Choosing a career in student (HMO) property lettings and sales can be a quick process compared to other careers

If you’re a student or graduate looking to start your career, becoming a student letting agent is a less time-consuming process than, for example, becoming a fully trained solicitor. What counts is your motivation and drive, not the amount of grey hair you have or titles you can showcase behind your name.


3. There’s earning potential in student (HMO) lettings and sales

You’re not limited to how much you can earn hourly, or even to a particular salary group. A career in student (HMO) property lettings and sales can mean your main limitations are how well you can start and grow your letting business.


4. Student letting agents help student tenants during major milestones

Many student letting agents gain great satisfaction in knowing they helped student tenants through major times in their lives. Moving out of halls and into your first student property is a big step. It helps having a student letting agent who is understanding of your circumstances. If you are a student or graduate working in lettings you are in an ideal situation to be able to relate to student tenants.


5. The Ideal time is Now

The more time has passed, the harder it will get for you to relate to students and their needs unless you are one of those people who has the ability to stay young-minded forever. With that being said, the perfect time to work in student lettings is Now. 


If you are interested in working in student (HMO) property lettings and sales take a look at our Student Haus Partner Opportunity or contact us today via for more information.

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