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Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

3 Benefits of Starting a Business During University

Access to Mentors

Many universities in the UK have partnerships with local and national businesses. This gives students who want to start their own business a great opportunity to network or do an internship in an industry they’d like to learn more about before setting up on their own. There are also a number of lecturers who are happy to provide free mentorship. Lecturers study a particular field in depth and can provide valuable input.


Access to Resources

Many Universities these days offer incubator spaces. These often provide free office space to students and graduates looking to start a business. Universities also often offer free workshops on various topics as well as networking opportunities. Your university probably also has a lot of different  equipment such as design software, laboratories, and so on, which can be used to develop your business idea.


Access to Marketing Channels

Being a University student gives you access to a large database of other students that might be interested in your product or service. Universities are often eager to promote entrepreneurial efforts or success stories of their students and graduates and will more often than not be happy to help you promote your business for free through i.e. the University’s newspaper, the student union, the student union website, social media channels, incubator events, the University intranet and other facilities.


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